Build things with Machinable!

Here are just a few ways to use Machinable.

Rapid Prototyping

Design and implement your user experience, visualize and test with a mock backend.

Production Application

A great starting point for your web or mobile application. Focus on your idea and execution.

Data Storage and Analysis

Import data for quick visualization and consumption.

Custom RESTful API Resources.

Create API endpoints that validate incoming payloads based on your defined data structures. Use Machinable's schema builder or edit JSON schema directly to describe your project's data.

Machinable API Resources follow standard RESTful practices regarding filtering and pagination. If you later decide to build your own backend, just export the swagger schema for your Machinable project and get coding!

Simple user signup and management.

Enable user registration from within your Machinable project and users can get started with your App through your home-grown registration page. Keep track and manage user sessions within your Machinable project's dashboard page.

Logging and Analytics.

The dashboard provides request logging for each of your projects so you can easily track request time and status codes, users, and storage limits.

Ready for production or rapid prototyping

Machinable is a great tool to use to rapidly prototype your next Mobile or Web application. Focus on your app's frontend experience while using Machinable to mock your backend. Once you are ready, export your project's swagger document and implement your backend as needed.

Don't want write your own backend? No problem! Machinable will scale with your application as it grows. Use Machinable as your production RESTful API!

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